How Can I Tell If My Ex Boyfriend Wants Me Back -- Don't Jump The Gun

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Published: 21st December 2010
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Has your ex boyfriend suddenly started showing interest in you after a recent breakup?

Have you found yourself wondering, "How can I tell if my ex boyfriend wants me back"?

As with all relationships there is an emotional attachment that has taken place. It's not unusual for two people to miss each other right after splitting up.

It makes no difference if he was the one to want the breakup, or if it was your idea. The level of this emotional fallout will vary based on the length of the relationship.

Do you still have that same question on your mind, "how can I tell if my ex boyfriend wants me back"? If your personal life has come to these crossroads, don't jump the gun!

There are other emotions playing out here. He could suddenly be showing a sincere interest in you again, or just trying to flirt with you. Take your time and pay attention to any signs he gives you.

During your relationship, the two of you shared many memories together. There is a reason your ex boyfriend would want to start hanging out with you again. Sometimes it's because he hasn't found another girlfriend yet, or he is starved for attention.

Depending on the way the breakup happened he may be out to hurt you, or be seeking revenge. It's perfectly ok to place some hope in getting back together, but before you put yourself in that position be sure the attention you are getting is genuine.

Don't be completely receptive to these advances at first. Don't be mean, but play a little hard to get. If your ex boyfriend really cares about you and this breakup has made him realize it that much more, then a little resistance will not deter him.

Don't wear your emotions on your sleeve just yet. You'll know soon enough just how sincere he is about wanting you back.

Sometimes the most well intentioned people need to experience the idea of losing someone, in order to know just how right that person is.

The worst thing you could do is cave in to your feelings, only to experience more heartbreak than you already have. So don't jump the gun here. Slow down and get good grip on the situation.

When you are looking for answers to the question, "how can I tell if my ex boyfriend wants me back"?, this is the best approach you can take. By making your ex work a little harder you'll get a much better read on what's really going on, plus you'll be in a position of strength.

Hope for the best, but go in with your eyes wide open!

I hope this helps you.


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